Twist the Clockwork

A brutal killer with a hatred for Goblins.


Unlike most clockworks, Twist was fashioned to look like a tall human man in shape and stature. However, that is where the resemblance ends. Where the usual expressive eyes, nose, and mouth of a human reside, only a smooth and unadorned metal surface can be found. His voice booms from an unknown location, and how he is able to clearly navigate the city with no eyes is a mystery.


Twist is a clockwork whose soul was pulled from the afterlife soon after it’s fateful release. This fateful even allowed him to retain a good portion of his former life’s memory, while suffering some mental stress as well.

100 years in the making, Twist was a very close friend and comrade of Grundle’s long departed father. A former Dwarf himself, now in a massive 6 and a half foot tall metal body, he used his previous experience as a butcher to gain access to an assassins guild to satisfy his hunger for blood.

As his Dwarven fate was sealed by the hands of Goblins, he has a particular taste for twisting the limbs off of the dirty creatures now that he looms high above them.

Before Gundle’s brother had passed away, Twist had given him a mysterious box. The purpose of the box was, “In case he ever needed a little extra muscle.” Upon activation, it would call Twist to his side, wherever that may be. However, the brother had never used the tiny contraption and had instead passed it on to Grundle before he passed from old age. Since then, Grundle had been holding onto the calling card, waiting for the right occasion to call the mysterious assassin to his side.

Twist the Clockwork

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